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Our History

The National Shoot To Retrieve Association (NSTRA) was founded by a group of dedicated bird hunters looking for a way to extend the fun they enjoyed with their bird dogs after their season ended. Field Trials, under hunting conditions, were the answer. Field Trials provide an extended the season, a sportsmanlike environment and competition with others who enjoy bird dogs.

The Association was incorporated in 1978. NSTRA is a non-profit association with service to the members and sportsmanship as its goals.

This site is intended to assist you in becoming a new member and to provide all members with current information including Championship Trial results, Dog Records, Regional Data and Field Trial Schedules.

More Info

Extend The Season!

NSTRA was conceived by a group of hunters in the late 1960's as a way to extend the normal open upland bird hunting season from a few weeks to a longer period of time.

Over 1000 Local Field Trials!

Over 1,000 local field trials are held annually for seasoned competitors and dogs as well as amateurs.

Family Fun!

Our trials are held in family friendly environments. many families take advantage of our reduced membership pricing for associate members