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List of Questions

The cost for a 1 year membership is $75.00 US and $55.00 Canada

The large score sheets used at trials ARE NOW included in your trial packet at no additional charge. Please let us know when ordering your packet if you do NOT need them, otherwise they will be included.

Advertising Rates: 

Full Page $250.00 (7 1/2 x 10) 
Half Page $150.00 (7 1/8 x 5)
Qtr. Page $ 75.00 (3/1/2 x 4 3/4)
Classified $ 15.00 (20-25 words/no pictures) 

NSTRA Magazine Deadlines: 

Feb./Mar. issue Jan. 1st
April/May issue Mar. 1st
June/July issue May 1st
Aug./Sept. issue July 1st
Oct./Nov. issue Sept. 1st
Dec./Jan. issue Nov. 1st 

A question has come up as to whether associate members can vote in regional elections. To clarify any confusion, the answer to said question is no. When the associate membership was established, it was done in order to allow families to be able to participate at a lesser rate. To that means, to have voting privileges at the National or Regional level, one must be a full member.

No, we’re sorry but we can’t. Purina only sends us enough coupons to accommodate the current number of trials we are having. They won’t replace any old ones that we send them. If we replace them out of our supply, then we run short.


A dog must be enrolled in a recognized breed or field dog registry, approved by the National Shoot-To-Retrieve Field Trial Association Inc, officers and Board of Directors to be awarded the certificate of champion. (NSTRA recognizes the UKC, AKC (no PAL/ILP registered dogs), FDSB and CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) registries. However, regardless of which registry is used, the dog must be eligible to be registered in the one of the above mentioned registries as a recognized pointing dog breed to be entered in any NSTRA trial.)

Champion points must be accumulated by dog placement in field trials recognized by the National Shoot-To-Retrieve Field Trial Association, Inc.

Champion status shall be attained when a dog has accumulated a total of eighteen (18) points as follows:
A. Recognized Field Trial Winners:
(Based on 24-32 dog trial)
Three (3) points for winner
Two (2) points for second place
One (1) point for third place

B. Dog of the Year Eliminations
Regional Trial Winners:
(Based on 24-32 dog trial)
Four (4) points for first place
Three (3) points for second place
Two (2) points for third place
One (1) point for fourth place

(Based on 18-23 dog trial)
Three (3) points for first place
Two (2) points for second place
One (1) point for third place

(Based on 17 dogs or less trial)
Two (2) points for first place
One (1) point for second place

C. National Dog Of The Year Trial Winners:
Six (6) points for winner
Five (5) points for first runner-up
Four (4) points for second runner-up
Three (3) points for third runner-up

All points received in the finals of Regional Elimination
Trials and/or NSTRA Championship Trials may be counted as first place points.

A dog must have a minimum of nine (9) first place points in his total point accumulation.

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