Hall of Fame

NSTRA Hall of Fame

The purpose of the NSTRA Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor dogs which contributed significantly to the ideals and goals as established under the original constitution and by-laws of the organization.  NSTRA fosters the growth of walking style, quality field trials for all the pointing breeds of dogs.  These field trials effectively extend the activity of upland bird hunting opportunities beyond open seasons for wild birds. 


Recognizing the unique qualities of pointing dogs generally, NSTRA permits entries from among all pointing breeds and eschews bias or favoritism toward a specific breed.  A fair and consistent method of judging provides for equity in competition.  The legacy of great canine competitors of the past is a building block for the future.  Acknowledging excellence in competition is only one component in evaluating a dog worthy of admittance to the NSTRA Hall of Fame. NSTRA has, as part of its mission, a commitment to discouraging nonselective and uncontrolled breeding.  In other words, we desire that the best of the best are bred, producing offspring who also excel in this sport.


In April of 2002, the Board of Directors approved a select group of dogs automatically admitted to the NSTRA Hall of Fame.  The dogs were split into 2 categories, 10 dogs in the pre-1990 category and 10 dogs in the 1990 to present category.  Thereafter, 2-3 dogs are inducted each year based on the non-biased point system in effect when the nomination is submitted.  Specific criteria changes from time to time, but the basics have remained the same:  excellence in the field by the nominee dog and contribution to excellence in a breed as demonstrated by progeny of the nominee dog.


Nominations are accepted from November 1 through March 31 of each year.   Each nomination is scored according to the current point system and the two top scoring dogs are chosen from among the nominations for the award.  To qualify for the NSTRA Hall of Fame, a dog must accumulate 13 points through any combination of the following:


               National Trial Win                           8 points

               National Final Four (2-4)                5 points

               Top Performance Win                    6 points

               Top Performance Final Four (2-4) 5 points (Beginning 5/31/2015)

               Regional Championship                  2 points

               Each 5 NSTRA Championships       1 point


If a qualified nomination is not selected in a given year, the nomination may be re-submitted in subsequent years.


As of 2023, 64 dogs have been accepted into the NSTRA Hall of Fame.  Their accomplishments include the following:

  • 78 regional wins
  • 18 Quail Invitational wins
  • 19 Trial of Champions wins
  • 7 Grand National wins
  • 10 Endurance wins
  • 26 Dog of the Year wins
  • 24 Top Performance wins, and numerous Top 4 placements.

In addition, this collection of dogs have 777 NSTRA championships with 14,159 points (8,540 of which are 1st place points) among them.  This is truly the best of the best, the most elite group of dogs NSTRA has to offer!

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Tuminski's Cribb

John Tuminski - Kentucky Region

"Cribb" Tuminski's Cribb, Owned by John Tuminski of the KY Region #154287 BR/M Sire: Tiger Smoke Dam: Bazooka Brandy's Pride 7xNSTRA CH with 127 points, 88 1st place First Placement 3/1/81 Regional Titles 1981 - Winner, Kentucky Regional Finals 1985 - Winner, Kentucky Regional Finals 1986 - 3rd RU, Kentucky Regional Finals National Titles 1983 - Winner, Trial of Champions 1985 - Winner, Dog of the Year Trial

Tricky Dick Jim

Bill Moore - Mid South Region

"Jim" Tricky Dick Jim, Owned by Bill Moore of the MS Region #1186724 ES/M Sire: Tomoka's Tricky Dick Dam: Pinnacle's Cricket Whelped: 2/8/82 13xNSTRA CH with 244 points, 147 1st place First Placement 10/2/83 Regional Titles 1985 - Winner, Mid South Regional Finals 1987 - 3rd RU, Mid South Regional Finals 1989 - 2nd RU, Mid South Regional Finals National Titles 1987 - Winner, Dog of the Year Trial 1989 - Winner, Quail Unlimited Trial 1989 - Winner, Trial of Champions 1989 - Winner, Endurance Classic Trial 1989 - 3rd RU, Dog of the Year Trial 1991 - Winner, Quail Invitational Trial 1992 - Winner, Trial of Champions

Brandy's Black Matt

Rocky Weber - IL Region

Layton's Final Request

Layton Peddicord - IL Region

Reno Von Maggie May

Dale Anderson - NW Region

Elhew Mary

Bob Swearingin - IL Region

Fiddlin Sweet Music

Ron Parsons - MSM Region

Master Mohawk Mike

Bob Cunningham - FL Region

Tomoka's Hot Spot

Jim Mahoney - OH Region

Wilsher Southern Son

Bill Napier - OH Region

Ace's King

Bob Cunningham - IL Region

Last October the Hall of Fame committee elected two dogs into NSTRA’s Hall of Fame. One of those two dogs worthy of induction was Ace’s King. King was out of Louie’s Mohawk Deuce and Jack’s Candy Apple. Ace’s King belonged to past NSTRA president Bob Cunningham of Medora, Illinois. He was purchased from Matt West of Bunker Hill, Illinois. Bob got the bargain of his life, only paying $50 for King. No one seemed to want the darkest puppy in the litter, but Mr. Cunningham saw something in that little dark-faced setter. Bob started his NSTRA trialing career in September of 1980. And on a May day in 1981 at Gunsmoke Kennels, King showed Bob what a bargain he did get and what caliber of dog he had on his hands. He placed second at that trial. From that point on, there was no stopping Ace’s King. He earned his first NSTRA championship by October of 1983. In April of 1984 he earned number two. Later that year Ace’s King won the Illinois region elimination. He won the Champion of Champions Trial in April of 1985 with a posted score of 1052 points thus also becoming an American Field Champion. In 1986 he became a 7 and 8 time champion, along with a second place finish in the Illinois region elimination. King earned his 9th championship in January of 1987 with number 10 just 8 short months later in September of 1987. King was NSTRA’S first 10 time Champion. His last placement came in January of 1988 which gave him his 11x NSTRA championship. Bob retired King after his 11x Championship at the age of nine years old. Bob and King were trialing at a time when many trials were only held on Saturday only and endurance trials were unheard of; a time when points and championships were more difficult to earn than today. King was the kind of dog one only dreams of; a dog that can wild-birdhunt one day and field trial the next. More than one judge made the statement that King was probably the most “broke” dog in NSTRA at that time. It was a time when NSTRA dogs were taught to hold that point no matter what. There was not such a thing as “moving from its resting place”. The dog had to hold point even if the bird walked under its nose. King traveled many miles in a dog trailer to trials. He traveled even more miles by himself. You see, King was a free spirit who would take off on little adventures now and then. He ran off in Minnesota, crossed two busy interstates to end up attending a bbq with some folks 15 miles from the field trial grounds. One winter he decided to hunt on his own while wild-birdhunting in Childress, Texas only to be picked up by two ladies and hauled to Dallas (approximately 4 hours away) and was retrieved by Bobby Clark. His escapade in Washington State the next fall landed him on a cattle ranch. Gailen Carothers rescued King that time and flew home with him to make sure he “landed safely”. Luckily for King, he was usually found by someone who would call Bob and say “I think I have your dog here”. He left the field one morning while Bob and Marilyn were in Florida in 1990 only to never return. We hope he ended up with some nice people and didn’t end up an alligator’s lunch, which seems to be the theory. King sired 17 dogs who placed in NSTRA field trials. They are: Ace’s Oscar’s Cissy, Bridgette Greenwood, King’s Dizzy Tis, Master Mohawk Mike, AK’s Ike, Woodland’s King Reggie, Perkins Dixie Bell, Ace’s Hope, Ace’s Whisky Lady, King’s Blitzen, King’s Gabby Girl, Trentham’s Dixie Amy, Smokin Mohawk, Ace’s Rebel Sally, Ace’s Ranger, and T’s Dixie King. In 1991 Master Mohawk Mike won the Top Performance Award, Ace’s Whisky Lady won the NSTRA Dog of the Year trial in 1992 and Smokin Mohawk was 3rd runner-up in the 1995 Ralston Purina Endurance Trial.

Tomoka's Smokin Mike

Greg Wood & Logan Amsparger - KY Region

Tomoka’s Smokin Mike was owned by Greg Wood and Logan Arnsparger of Kentucky. Mike was a 15x NSTRA champion out of Tricky Dick Jim by Cash Master Kelly. Greg has been field trialing since he was a young boy. He joined NSTRA in 1981. It wasn’t until 1990 when Mike came along. Greg knew he had something special in this little setter pup. Mike captured his first placement at the tender age of 22 months at the Ohio County Quail Hunters trial in October of 1991. It didn’t take Mike long to figure this field trialing out as he had earned his first championship one year later in 1992. Tomoka’s Smokin Mike averaged about two championships per year after that first one. He earned numbers 2 and 3 in 1993, numbers 4 and 5 in 1994, numbers 6 and 7 in 1995, numbers 8 and 9 in 1996. Then he doubled his efforts – earning his 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th NSTRA championships in ONE YEAR!! One championship is quite an accomplishment, but four in one year is absolutely phenomenal! And phenomenal he was. Along with that, his accomplishments include: fourth in 1993 Kentucky region elimination; second in the 1993 Dog of the Year trial; first in the 1994 Kentucky region elimination; fourth in the 1994 Trial of Champions; third in the 1995 Dog of the Year; second in the 1997 Quail Invitational; third in the 1997 and 1998 Kentucky region elimination; second in the 1999 Quail Invitational; and fourth in the 1999 Grand National. Mike was a once in a lifetime dog – but his daughter Sadie is proving to be another once in a lifetime dog for Greg and Logan. Mike has sired 40 dogs who have placed in NSTRA field trials. They are: Tricky Dix Gem, Tekoa’s Tricky Bull, Barb’s Tekoa Trouble, Tekoa’s Gusto, Tomoka’s Smokin Sadie, Tomoka’s Star Sunrise, Lightfoot Max, Tomoka’s Smokin Chip, Maggie’s Smokin Jed, Tomoka’s Smokin Maggie, Smokin Red Pepper, I’m Smokin Rocky, Maggie’s Smokin Cody, Spud Lake Bessie, I’m Your Huckleberry, Smokin Moses, Tomoka’s Slick Trick, Jafkens Movin Maria, Phipp’s Susanna Sue, Blue Grass J.D., Smokin Tomoka’s Babe, Maggie’s Smokin Jessie, Basketts Speck, Smith’s Performer Jake, Tomoka’s Smokin Buster, Mike’s Maximum, Rough River Jake, Lyssa’s Miss Nellie, Freckled Kate Marie, Tomoka’s Smokin Ruby, Tekoa’s Smokin Scout, Tomoka’s Smokin Max, Carnley’s Tekoa Max, Nalls Smokin Wheel, Mike’s Smokin Pepper, Mike’s Smokin Sadie, Tomoka’s Smokin Blu, Smokin Duchess, Reason for Divorce and Wild Willy. Mike was not only a great bird dog as proven, but he was an awesome pet, best friend, and companion to have around. He will be missed by his family and a few trialers for years to come. He showed that English setters have what it takes! He had the endurance, intelligence, confidence, and most of all, he had heart. He was in it for himself, of course, but most of all, he did it to please his co-partner, Greg. They were a team that knew what to do with only a look of the eye. There will never be a pair like them. We’ll miss you Mike!! See you in bird dog heaven. (Morgan & Meghan says)

I'm Dick Too

Gene Mahoney - NW Region

Bailey's Elhew Kate

Herb Ralston - IL Region

Mosley's Dixie Queen

Tom Couch - IN Region

Rebel's Heart of Texas

Stan Maynard - WTX Region

She's A Scooter

Keith Koon - GA Region

Snip's Chick Von Wildburg

Brenda Roe - GA Region

Fancy White Trash

Mike Clark - MW Region

Fancy White Trash, a 21 time NSTRA champion with a career total of 393 points. Owned by Mike and Penny Clark of Raymond, Nebraska, the award was accepted by Mike Rost, a Mid West region member. Much to our regret Mike and Penny were unable to attend. Fancy won the Trial of Champions in 1997, the Dog of the Year in 1998, the Midwest Regional in 2000, and the Grand National Championship in 2000. She also was 2nd runner-up at the 2002 Grand National Championship. She also placed in qualifying rounds of 9 championship trials.

Miss Freckles Rex

Gene Wilson - IN

Miss Freckles Rex, an English Pointer female, was grandfathered in according to the Hall of Fame criteria. Freckles was owned by Gene Wilson from the Indiana Region. Gene’s son, David, was on hand to present the award to his father. Freckles became a NSTRA champion in March of 1979 followed by her 2nd championship on March 21, 1981. She won the NSTRA Dog of the Year trial in 1977 and followed in the first runner-up berth at a later date.

Tall Oaks Freebee

Becca Smith - MW Region

Tall Oaks Freebee, an English Setter Male owned by Becca Smith of the Mid West Region. Her father, Jim Smith, accepted the award. “BJ” was 10 years old, a 12 time NSTRA champion, with a total of 227 lifetime points. In 2001, BJ was 1st runner-up at the Grand National Championship; in 2002, he won the Trial of Champions and was the Mid West regional champion in 2003. He also qualified in qualification rounds of 9 NSTRA championships.

Crow's Little Joe

Anthony Crow - DX

Fraulein Greta Dee

Phillip "Butch" Butler - FL

Mill Pond Tom

Rick Lamb - NCN Region

Tomoka's Smokin Sadie

Greg Wood & Logan Amsparger - KY Region

Pete's Second Chance

C. L. Mitchell - OH Region

Pete was owned by C. L. Mitchell of the Ohio Region. Pete’s sire was Hard Times Prenosil and his dam was Grievous Angel. Whelped on June 19, 1994, Pete’s first placement came on April 27, 1996 with a win at the Iowa Gun Dog Association. His first championship came in September of 1997. This 17x champion has amassed 60 wins, 42 seconds, 45 thirds and 47 fourths for a total career point count of 314. Some of Pete’s highlights include 1st place in the 1997 Kentucky region elimination, 4th place in the 1998 Kentucky region elimination, 4th place in the 1999 Dog of the Year finals, and several wins in national championship qualification trials. Pete also placed in the top 10 in Top Performance 4 years in a row with a 2nd in 1999, 3rd in 2000, 3rd in 2001 and 7th in 2002. During his heyday he averaged 4 championships per year. Pete has also proved he is an admirable sire. His progeny have attained 30 championships including 12xCH Tomoka’s Smokin Pete and 6xCH Pete’s Little Bear.

Little John's Crow

Roy Burchel - DX Region

Roy Burchel of the Dixie Region owned John. As a 10x champion out of 25x champion Crow’s Little Joe and Midnight Princess he accumulated 185 lifetime points with 31 wins, 29 seconds, 18 thirds and 32 fourths. He was whelped on February 24, 1997 and died on January 14, 2008. His first placement came on January 18, 1998 at the Middle Tennessee Gun Dog Club with his first championship on November 27, 1999. John’s career includes winning the Dixie Region Elimination finals in 1998 and 2004, first place in the National Endurance Classic trial in 2000 (entered as a bye dog), 4th place in the Dog of the Year trial in 2000, 2nd in the 2002 Quail Invitational, 4th in the 2003 and 2004 Quail Invitational, 4th in the 2003 Trial of Champions and 2nd in the 2003 Grand National.

Sue Maggie Sue

John Resa - MW Region

John Resa of the Missouri Show-Me Region owned this year’s Board of Directors’ nominee, Sue Maggie Sue. Out of 14x champion and NSTRA Hall of Fame member Master Mohawk Mike and 3x champion Sue Billie Sue, she was whelped on February 21, 1992. With 110 lifetime points consisting of 17 firsts, 17 seconds, 21 thirds and 9 fourths, her career included winning the 1995 Dog of the Year trial, 4th place at the 1996 Trial of Champions, 5th place at the 1996 Dog of the year and 3rd place in the 1995 Top Performance competition. She has produced multiple regional (MSM & Illinois) and national champions (2002 & 2007 DOY, 2008 Grand National, 2005 Top Performance) and 59 NSTRA championships. After her passing on July 7, 2006, John said, “Maggie was a super nice bird hunting dog. She would give it her all day in and day out.”

Nolan's Last Bullet

Nolan Huffman - SCR Region

“Buddy” Nolan’s Last Bullet owned by Nolan Huffman of the South Carolina Region #R233426, 1455166, SN16650902, N0000001 Sire: Ruff and Ready Zack Dam: Brookses BB Whelp Date: 06/17/94 32 X NSTRA Champion with 580 points, 377 of which were 1st place points 1st placement on 10/22/95 Regional Titles: 1997 – Winner, South Carolina Regional Elimination 1999 – Winner, South Carolina Regional Elimination 2001 – Winner, South Carolina Regional Elimination 2002 – Winner, South Carolina Regional Elimination 2003 – 1st Runner Up, South Carolina Regional Elimination 2004 – Winner, South Carolina Regional Elimination National Titles: 1997 – 2nd Runner Up, Endurance Classic 1998 – Winner, Grand National Invitational 1998 – Winner, Top Performance, 82 points 1999 – Winner, Grand National Invitational 2000 – 1st Runner Up, Trial of Champions 2000 – 3rd Runner Up, Endurance Classic 2000 – 2nd Runner Up, Dog Of The Year 2001 – 3rd Runner Up, Endurance Classic 2001 - Winner, Top Performance, 102 points 2002 – Winner, Quail Invitational 2002 – 2nd Runner Up, Grand National Invitational 2002 – Winner, Top Performance, 69 points 2002 – 2nd Runner Up, Dog Of The Year 2003 – Winner, Trial of Champions 2003 – Winner, Grand National Invitational 2004 – Winner, Quail Unlimited Trial

Windswept Clay's Bullet

Gary Ramsey - SCR Region

“Clay” Windswept’s Clay Bullet owned by Gary Ramsey of the South Carolina Region #R223425, 1467879, SN16650904, N0000090 Sire: Ruff and Ready Zach Dam: Brookses BB Whelp Date: 6/17/94 10 X NSTRA Champion with 184 points, 99 of which were 1st place points 1st placement 9/28/96 Regional Titles: 1998 – Winner, South Carolina Regional Elimination National Titles: 1999 – 1st Runner Up, Grand National Invitational

Boomer's Boy Jr.

James Miller - MW Region

“CJ” Boomer’s Boy Jr., owned by James Miller of the Mid West Region #278731 Sire: Boomer’s Boy (NSTRA HOF) Dam: Jamada’s Bonny Girl Whelp Date: 5/09/87 11 X NSTRA Champion with 204 points, 129 of which were 1st place points 1st placement 3/19/89 Regional Titles: 1995 – Winner, Mid West Regional Elimination National Titles: 1992 – 1st Runner Up, Dog Of The Year

DKE Liberty Arista

Davy Caven - NW Region

“Trey” DKE Liberty Arista owned by Davy Caven of the North West Region SN42817609 German Wirehair/Female Sire: Salty Pete V Rahnhaus Dam: Three Devils Liberty Whelp Date:3/28/97 12 X NSTRA Champion with 218 points, 127 of which are 1st place points. 1st placement 3/27/99. Regional Titles: 2000 – 1st Runner Up, North West Regional Finals 2004 – Winner, North West Regional Finals

Snip's Ticked Off

Brenda Roe - GA Region

“Rip” Snip’s Ticked Off owned by Brenda Roe of the Georgia Region SM92148302 German Shorthair/Male Sire: Hillhaven’s Hustler DC Dam: Snip’s Chick Vom Wildburg (NSTRA HOF) Whelp Date: 9/21/91 10 X NSTRA Champion with 181 points, 97 of which are 1st place points. 1st placements 3/5/94 Regional Titles: 1994 – Winner, Georgia Regional Finals 1995 – Winner, Georgia Regional Finals

Crosswind Truckin Fritz

Scott Townsend - MI

“Fritz” Crosswind Truckin Fritz owned by Scott Townsend of the Michigan Region #SN73084507 German Shorthair/Male Sire: Harrison’s Blue Jesse Dam: Stars Lacy Baby Whelped: 3/16/00 16 X NSTRA champion with 299 points, 193 of which were 1st place points 1st placement: 6/23/02 Regional Titles: 2003 – 2nd Runner Up, Michigan Regional Finals 2005 – Winner, Michigan Regional Finals 2006 – Winner, Michigan Regional Finals 2007 – Winner, Michigan Regional Finals National Titles: 2003 – 3rd Runner Up, Dog of the Year Trial 2005 – 1st Runner Up, Grand National Trial 2006 – 3rd Runner Up, Dog of the Year Trial 2007 – Winner, Quail Forever Trial 2008 – Winner, Quail Forever Trial 2008 – 3rd Runner Up, Grand National Trial 2009 – 2nd Runner Up, Quail Forever Trial 2010 – 1st Runner Up, Grand National Trial 2010 – Winner, Trial of Champions

Burchel's Dutchman

Roy Burchel & Scott Townsend - MI Region

“Dutch” Burchel’s Dutchman owned by Roy Burchel and Scott Townsend of the Michigan Region #1463582 English Pointer/Male Sire: Crow’s Little Joe (NSTRA HOF) Dam: River Ridge Judy Whelped: 3/11/96 17 X NSTRA champion with 314 points, 193 of which wer 1st place points 1st placement: 4/6/97 Regional Titles: 2003 – Winner, Michigan Regional Finals 2005 – 1st Runner Up, Michigan Regional Finals National Titles: 2000 – 1st Runner Up, Grand National Trial 2000 – 1st Runner Up, Dog of the Year Trial 2001 – Winner, Quail Invitational 2004 – Winner, Quail Invitational 2005 – Winner, Grand National Trial 2006 – Winner, Trial of Champions

Premier's Fancy Trail Blazer

Adam Fellers - MW Region

“Blazer” Premier’s Fancy Trail Blazer owned by Adam Fellers of the Mid West Region #SR00683507 German Shorthair/Male Sire: Fancy’s White Ice Dam: Cedar Hill Katie Whelped: 3/24/02 13 X NSTRA champion with 249 points, 150 of which were 1st place points 1st placement: 5/14/04 National Titles: 2009 – 1st Top Performance – 73 points 2010 – 1st Top Performance – 81 points 1010 – 2nd Runner Up in the Grand National Trial

Boomer's X Rated

Scott Boomershine - IN Region

“Johnny” Boomer’s X Rated owned by Scott Boomershine of the Indiana Region #1576700 English Setter/Male Sire: Boomer’s Super X Dam: Rockpoint Trixie Whelped: 3/16/04 11 X NSTRA champion with 203 points, 131 of which were 1st place points 1st placement: 9/18/05 Regional Titles: 2007 – 2nd Runner Up, Indiana Regional Finals 2008 – 3rd Runner Up, Indiana Regional Finals 2010 - 2nd Runner Up, Indiana Regional Finals National Titles: 2007 – Winner, Trial of Champions 2008 – 2nd Runner Up, Quail Forever Championship 2008 – Winner, Quail Invitational Trial 2009 – Winner, Quail Forever Championship 2009 – 1st Runner Up, Quail Invitational Trial 2009 – Winner, Trial of Champions

Wilma's Pebbles

Fred Mitchell - KY Region

“Pebbles” Wilma’s Pebbles owned by Fred Mitchell of the Kentucky Region #1420084 English Setter/Female Sire: Boomer’s Boy Jr. (NSTRA HOF) Dam: Wilma Flintstone Whelped: 9/30/93 13 X NSTRA champion with 236 points, 147 of which were 1st place points. 1st placement: 10/06/96 Regional Titles: 1998 – 1st Runner Up, Kentucky Regional Finals 1999 – Winner, Kentucky Regional Finals National Titles: 1998 – 3rd Runner Up, Dog of the Year Trial 1999 – Winner, Dog of the Year Trial 2001 – Winner – Trial Of Champions

Stephen's Bright Copper

Lee Stephens & Don Markham - LST Region

Stephens Bright Copper, owned by Lee Stephens and Don Markham of the Lone Star Region Sire: Crow’s Little Joe (NSTRA Hall of Fame) Dam: Total Package Sadie Whelped: 06/27/99 25x NSTRA Champion with 455 points, 242 of which were 1st place points 1st Placement – 03/17/01 Regional Accomplishments: 2004 – 1st Kentucky Regional Elimination 2005 – 1st Dixie Regional Elimination 2007 – 3rd Dixie Regional Elimination 2008 – 1st Lone Star Regional Elimination 2009 – 3rd Lone Star Regional Elimination 2010 – 2nd Lone Star Regional Elimination National Titles: 2004 – 1st Top Performance Award 2005 – 1st Dog of the Year Championship 2006 – 1st Quail Invitational Trial 2006 – 1st Top Performance Award

Tomoka's Smokin Blu

Penny Montgomery - WTX Region

Tomoka’s Smokin Blu, owned by Penny Montgomery of the West Texas Region Sire: Tomoka’s Smokin Mike Dam: Shirley’s Tomoka Peach Whelped: 12/21/99 15x NSTRA Champion with 278 points, 166 of which were 1st place points 1st Placement – 9/16/01 Regional Accomplishments: 2002 – 1st West Texas Regional Elimination 2006 – 4th West Texas Regional Elimination 2008 – 1st West Texas Regional Elimination National Titles: 2002 – 3rd Kasco Endurance Championship 2003 – 2nd Purina Endurance Championship 2003 – 3rd Dog of the Year Championship 2004 – 1st Dog of the Year Championship 2008 – 1st Dog of the Year Championship

Beeline Wink

Clyde Wyatt & Tom McCandless - KY Region

Beeline Wink, owned by Tom McCandless and Clyde Wyatt of the Kentucky Region Sire: Nolan’s Last Bullet (NSTRA Hall of Fame) Dam: Le Fletchett De La Cour Whelped: 5/31/98 12x NSTRA Champion with 220 points, 137 of which were 1st place points 1st Placement: 9/25/99 Regional Accomplishments: 2003 – 4th Kentucky Regional Elimination 2004 – 2nd Kentucky Regional Elimination 2007 – 3rd Kentucky Regional Elimination National Titles: 2001 – 2nd Quail Invitational Trial 2004 – 1st Trial of Champions

Hap's Mighty Maggie Mae

Todd Craven - MI Region

Hap’s Mighty Maggie Mae, owned by Todd Craven of the Michigan Region Sire: Harrison’s Blue Jessie Dam: Monkey Shines N Go Star Blue Whelped: 01/16/99 12x NSTRA Champion with 221 points, 147 of which were 1st place points 1st Placement: 11/26/99 Regional Accomplishments: 2001 – 1st Michigan Regional Elimination 2002 – 1st Michigan Regional Elimination 2003 – 2nd Michigan Regional Elimination 2009 – 1st Michigan Regional Elimination National Titles: 2006 – 1st Purina Endurance Championship

Beeline Bullet's Bravado

Nolan Huffman - SCR Region

Beeline Bullet’s Bravado (Brave) owned by Nolan Huffman of the South Carolina Region. A Brittany Male our of Nolan’s Last Bullet (NSTRA HOF) and Keith’s Renegade Ginger Whelped on March 20, 1999. He had accumulated 271 points, 157 of which were first place points, to earn 15 NSTRA championships. His HOF point accumulation was as follows: 2001 - Dog of the Year - 1st Runner-Up 5 points 2002- Grand National - Winner 8 points 2003 - Dog of the Year - Winner 8 points 2005 - South Carolina Regional Elimination Winner 2 points 2006 - South Carolina Regional Elimination Winner 2 points 15 X NSTR Champion 3 points Total 28 points Proving that owning a champion caliber dog is no fluke, Brave continued on in his sire’s footsteps. In fact, he gave Nolan his very first and only Dog of the Year win in 2003! His first championship was earned a mere 4 months from his starting trial. The next 4 championships came in 2001, with 2 more in 2002, and 3 in 2003. That’s some pretty intense trialing for a young dog, confirming again that good breeding plays an important part of NSTRA trial wins and championships. Several of Brave’s offspring have gone on to earn NSTRA championships. Generation after generation, these NSTRA Brittany’s demonstrate their worth and justify the objectives of NSTRA’s founders.

Grappe's Ramblin Rip

Mary Lu Grappe - WTX Region

Grappe’s Ramblin Rip (Rip) owned by Mary Lu Grappe of the West Texas Region. An English Pointer, Male sired by Crow’s Little Joe (NSTRA HOF) and his dam was Grappe’s Sunrise Sue. He was whelped on August 8, 1995 and died on February 8, 2011. He had accumulated 182 points, 118 of which were first place points, to earn 10 NSTRA championships. His HOF point accumulation was as follows: 1998 - West Texas Regional Elimination Winner 2 points 1999 - Quail Invitational Finals - 2nd Runner-Up 5 points 2001 - Endurance Final - Winner 8 points 2002 - Endurance Final - Winner 8 points 2003 - West Texas Regional Elimination Winner 2 points 10 X NSTRA Champion 2 points Total 27 points

Beeline Bullet's Proof

Nolan Huffman - SCR Region

Beeline Bullet’s Proof (Bull) owned by Nolan Huffman of the South Carolina Region. A Brittany Male out of Nolan’s Last Bullet (NSTRA HOF) and Sage Baez Patron whelped on May 28, 2002. He had accumulated 187 points, 131 if which were first place points, to earn 10 NSTRA championships. His HOF point accumulation was as follows: 2006 - Grand National Winner 8 points 2007 - Quail Forever - 1st Runner-Up 5 points 2007 - Quail Invitational - 1st Runner-Up 5 points 2007 - Trial of Champions - 3rd Runner-Up 5 points 2008 - South Carolina Regional Winner 2 points 2008 - Endurance Final - 3rd Runner-Up 5 points 2011 - South Carolina Regional Winner 2 points 2011 - Performance Classic - 2nd Runner-Up 5 points 10 X NSTRA Champion 2 points Total 39 points One of NSTRA’s main objectives is to promote pure bred dogs with controlled breeding to improve the hunting dog breeds. No better example of this is with 2 of the dogs that received the Hall of Fame induction this year. Both Bull and Brave were sired by 32x NSTRA Champion Nolan’s Last Bullet. In addition to the list of accomplishments above, Bull was proving his worth in an accelerated way; 3 placements in National Trials in a 3 month period; 4 NSTRA championships in one year. In addition, Bull has sired several NSTRA champion dogs such as 8x CH Bull’s Copper Tip, 3x Champion Vande Hei’s Ritzi’s Bouncin Back and 2xCH Clark’s Copper Bullet. No one can ask more of their dog than to not only prove his worth as a competitor, but to also have the genetics and ability to pass that worth down through several generations.

Glover's Nikki

Mark Kohlberg - IL Region

Nikki was out of one of the great litters produced by Barb’s Tekoa Trouble and Sue Maggie Sue. She was raised and trained by Jack Glover in Shelbyville, Missouri. Jack competed with her and put 5 NSTRA Championships on her as well as a First Runner-Up in the 2002 Missouri Regional, a Regional Championship in 2003 and a First Runner-Up in 2004 Grand National. In 2004 Jack sold Nikki to Mark Kohlberg. Mark competed with her and put another 5 NSTRA Championships on her as well as Missouri Show Me Regional Championships in 2006 and 2007 and another Regional First Runner-up in 2009. She was 2007 Champion in the Dog of Year Trial. In three litters she produced Champions: Nikki’s Smokin Mike, Skipper’s Bandit, Glover’s Reco, Nikki’s Skippin Newt, Nikki’s Skippin Rox, Treasure State Tiger Woods, Glover’s Chopper and Nikki Sue Nikki. In 2009 Mark re-registered Nikki in both Jack’s name and his. She was the best bird dog and trial dog they have ever owned. Nikki was one of those dogs that would just catch your eyes as she effortlessly covered a field and “Slammed” points. She will be deeply missed.

Moniteaus Jesse James

Lonnie & Kelsey Jones - MSM Region

1st - 2002 Msm Regional Championship 3rd - 2003 Msm Regional Championship 1st - 2005 Msm Regional Championship 2nd - 2007 Msm Regional Championship 3rd - 2009 Msm Regional Championship He had 10 qualifying round placements at National Trials: 2002 Kasco Endurance 2002 Dog of the Year 2003 Grand National 2004 Purina Endurance 2005 Grand National 2006 Champions 2006 Grand National 2007 Purina Endurance 2007 Purina Endurance 2008 Dog of the Year. In 2004 Moniteaus Jessie James Won the Purina Endurance National Championship. In 2006 Jessie was 1st Runner-up at The Champion of Champions trial.

Moonshine's Poison Ivy

Mike Rost - MW Region

“Ivy” was an English Pointer female, owned and handled by Mike Rost of the Mid-West Region. Ivy was a 10 time NSTRA Champion, won the Dog of Year National Championship in 2012, was in the Final Four of 2 National Championships, the Mid-West Regional Champion in 2010 and placing in 3 other regional finals. Ivy was from Moonshines Biotech Sun and Crystal Dew. She earned her first championship on May 26, 2006 and continued on to become a 10 time NSTRA Championship.

Split Creek's Medicine Man

Gary Thompson - NW Region

Doc was a Brittany male and belonged to Gary Thompson. He enjoyed a grand life of field trials and wild bird hunting. Doc earned his first NSTRA point in Lewistown, MT on August 31, 2003 at the age of 16 months. Almost exactly 5 years later in Lewistown, MT he would not only accumulate 10 NSTRA points in that same week, but win the NSTRA Purina Endurance Championship. Doc was an 11X NSTRA Champion, 2009 SCR Regional Final 2nd runner-up, 2008 Purina Endurance Champion, 1st runner-up at the 2006 Quail Invitational and 1st runner-up at the 2005 Trial of Champions. While Doc love the competition of NSTRA field trials, he also enjoyed wild bird hunting.

Resa's Trouble Mace

John Resa - MW Region

The BOD’s pick for the 2017 Hall of Fame Awards was Resa’s Trouble Mace “Mace” an English Setter male owned and handled by John Resa – Mid-West Region. Mace was from Barb’s Tekoa Trouble and Sue Maggie Sue. John raised Mace and was also wild bird hunted during wild bird season. He was whelped on 9/13/01 and during his trialing career, earned 312 lifetime points of which 181 were first place points. Mace earned his first NSTRA championship on 3/28/04. In 2006 he placed 4th during the MSM Regional Championship; during the April, 2007 TOC Championship, Mace placed 2nd runner-up during the final Championship Day. Following in 2008 Mace earned a 1st runner-up berth during the MSM Regional Championship. 2009 brought a MSM Regional Championship win to John and Mace. In 2010 Mace place 2nd during the MSM Regional Championship and finally in 2008 Mace won the title of NSTRA Grand National Champion. Mace’s progeny includes 19 Champion NSTRA dogs including 4x I Am Trouble Jake, Power’s Moonshine, 6x Power’s Gunslinger, 12x Resa’s Mazie, 5x Phipp’s Bird Desire, 8x Heaton’s Dakota Trek, 6x Heaton’s Electric Macy, and Barilla’s Resa Moretti just to mention a few.

Kickapoo Molly's Revenge

Roger Parient, Jr. - IN Region

Its been a little over a year since “Kickapoo Molly’s Revenge” passed on May 19th of 2015 and I am just sitting down to write her Eulogy today. Not because I want to, maybe still being in disbelief that she’s gone, but at the urging of NSTRA as she is being inducted into the Hall of Fame next week. Sitting with friend and explaining my dilemma, I said to him , These are generally about all the accomplishments in the field, The National, Regional and Field Championships earned and circumstances of a dogs Field Trialing career. Molly was much more than that, She was the first pet for my young family, a fixture in my office, the front seat of my truck, little league games, at the lake or wherever our family adventure was. When she passed, the outpouring of support from the Field Trial Community was overwhelming and appreciated, but it was the response of my Family and Friends outside of the bird dog world that took me off guard. As I looked at the pain in the faces of my wife and children, I realized that they did not care about the field accomplishments, they had lost a family member. To those friends that only new her from my office, family vacations, little league games, summers at the lake, they had lost a friend that always greeted them with a friendly “WOO WOO WOO”. See Molly and I came together a year after my father passed and a few weeks after I buried his Aussie named Kickapoo Molly, who grieved herself to death over the loss of my father. When I decided our family needed a pet, and I wouldn’t mind one that I could hunt, I was put in touch with a Breeder ( Bob and Liz Carver at RockPoint Kennel). So as I explained my situation, shed a few tears, I kept looking at this gangly little female German Shorthair pup with an umbilical hernia that nobody wanted, that they had happened to name Molly. So I decided to take a nice looking English Setter pup, but before I could leave I said I would take her to. See, what I did not know at the time, was that we needed each other. She needed someone to give her a chance and I needed a change in my life. Understand, I knew absolutely nothing about bird dogs. I was given the name of a trainer who specialized in Setters and Pointers by the name of Jim Carter. Jim was very hesitant to take her, but I think he really saw the potential in both of us. So our journey began with Jim literally training and mentoring both of us. Molly was an all or nothing kind of dog, she won big or she lost big, but always gave it her all. She gave me everything she had and I did the same for her. She helped me get thru 2 back surgeries and I helped her thru her bout with cancer. Which created a bond between us that is and was unexplainable. Although Molly was a Hall of Fame caliber companion and family pet, her field accomplishments rank her among the best; NSTRA Hall of Fame inductee 2016, 2x National Champion, 1x Purina Top Performance Winner, 12x Field Champion, 3rd RU National Champion, 2x Regional Champion, 2nd RU Regional Champion, More Final 6’s and 8’s than I can remember and She Graced the cover of 7 Magazines including the Pointing Dog Journal, Upland Almanac and NSTRA. Although she shined at home and on the field trial circuit, her true passion was wild bird hunting. The way Molly could handle a covey of quail, trail a pheasant or handle a grouse was nothing more than amazing. In closing I would like to thank Bob and Liz Carver of Rock Point Kennel for breeding this wonderful dog. Jim Carter for having the patience to train us both and his grandson Mike Wayne for being our training partner. Scott Boomershine and Steven Cunningham for handling her when I could not. But Most of All , I would like to thank J.R. Coke, for without him convincing me 2 years in a row to pull her out of retirement on the last qualifying trial, she would have not ended her career with the bang that she did. As time inches forward, it will be about the memories created with this special dog, the miles traveled, the friends made, the joy and the heartaches. This dog truly changed my life’s trajectory and I will be ever grateful to her for that. Next time I see you, I'm sure you will be on point……… 3x Nat CH, 2x Reg. CH, 12x Field CH Kickapoo Molly’s Revenge 10-22-200 – 05-19-2015

Moniteaus Ozark Rebel

Sam Ashmore - FL Region

May 15, 2009 to March 2015 Dam – Moniteau’s Calico Cali Sire – Ozark’s Rebel Rex – NSTRA Hall of Fame, 11x NSTRA Ch. Originally owned and trained by Lonnie Jones of the Mo-Kan Region. In February of 2012 at just over 2 years old, with 6 NSTRA points, Boo made his home in Florida with Sam Ashmore. Sam and Boo spent the first summer just getting to know each other. The fall of 2012, Boo had placements in Florida and Georgia. In October of 2012 he was the 4th Runner up in the Dog of the Year Championship. The spring of 2013 was a little slower with some placements again in Florida and Georgia but there was some head scratching going on about how to get into Boo’s head for motivation. The problem was he was a classic, super stylish- never really needed any correction or training……… just motivation; if you ran him back to back regular or practiced him, he would get bored which caused some frustrations. Finally after some trial and error….. the best practice for Boo was really very little. He wanted to be your buddy at home and the “no practice …..just take me to the trial every few weeks- attitude” and I’ll do my thing and find the birds. The 2013 Dog of the Year Trial proved this theory correct. Boo took the championship that year which was 22 years to the date of his sire Ozark’s Rebel Rex taking the title for 1991 Dog of the Year. In the spring of 2014, Boo placed 2nd runner up in the Florida Regional Championship trial. In the spring of 2015, Boo again showed his classic style and the “don’t practice me attitude and bring me out when you need me” in the monsoon rain at the Florida Quail Invitational. He took off like lightning and went bird to bird winning the Championship. The rain never stopped and nor did he. Unfortunately while this was his most awesome run at 5 years of age -it would be his last as Boo passed away just a few short weeks after the QI. A very, very sad day for the Ashmore and Jones family indeed but what memories he left us with during his short life. 2X National Champion 3x NSTRA Champion 56 Lifetime points

Tomoka's Smokin J.R.

Wes Barr/Greg Wood - West Texas Region

Tomoka’s Smokin J.R. J.R. was owned by Wes Barr and Greg Wood, but from March 2007 until his death resided at the Barr Kennels and was handled by Wes – WTX Region. J.R. was an English Setter Male from Pay Per View (7x NSTRA Champion) who was from 3x Champion Tomoka’s Smokin Max and 8x NSTRA Champion Shirley’s Tomoka Peach. J.R.’s Dam was Bewitched Samantha. He was whelped on 5/4/05 and had a total of 355 lifetime points with 267 first place points. He was a 19x NSTRA Champion. J.R.’s first placement was on 3/25/06 where he won first scoring 1029 points. In 2007 he won 3rd runner-up at the Quail Forever Championship followed by a 1st runner-up in 2008 at the Purina Endurance Championship in Creston, IA. J.R. won the West Texas Regional Championship 3 times – 2010, 2011 and 2013. He was also 1st runner-up at the 2010 Trial of Champions. Wes and J.R. also won the Purina Top Performance Award in 2011 with 77 points. Wes adds “All I can add is he always gave 100% of his ability. He was a family member; my granddaughters loved him. We still miss him sitting by my chair at night. J.R. was more than just a trial dog. He became a part of our life and family. He went everywhere with us even after he retired”. Ken Copeland, family friend and fellow West Texas member, presented Wes with the Hall of Fame Award with Wes’ wife, Brenda in attendance. Our congratulations to Wes and Greg.

Quail Ridge Ranger

Jeff Gamble/Rachel Crossland - Dixie Region

Quail Ridge Ranger, Brittany male owned by Jeff Gamble and his daughter, Rachel Crossland - Dixie Region members. Ranger was whelped on 1/24/05- his sire being Danny’s Tennessee Archie and dam – Willis’ Brandy. Ranger accumulated 134 lifetime points of which 87 were 1st place points. He was a 7x NSTRA Champion and a 2x National Champion; winning the 2011 TOC Championship and the 2011 UKC Performance Championship. Ranger’s first placement came at a Birddog Cigar Trial. He won the Dixie Regional 3 times, 2008, 2010 and 2012 and was 3rd runner-up at the 2009 TOC Championship. Jeff was in attendance at the banquet and accepted the award from his good friend, Scott Townsend. Hats off to Jeff and Rachel.

Tomoka's Smokin Pete

Greg Wood/Jim Dobson - Kentucky Region

Tomoka’s Smokin Pete, English Setter male whelped 9/11//2001 and owned by Greg Wood and Jim Dobson, Kentucky Region. Pete accumulated 233 lifetime points of which 143 were first place points. Pete was from 17x NSTRA Champion Pete’s Second Chance and 16x NSTRA Champion Tomoka’s Smokin Sadie. His first placement came at an Ohio County Birddog trial in September 2002 scoring 1042 points for a first-place win. Pete won the 2005 Quail Invitational Championship in February 2005, was 1st runner-up at the 2006 DOY Championship and won the Kentucky Regional Championship in 2008. In 2009 Pete finished 1st runner-up at the Kentucky Regional Championship. His first championship was in May, 2003 soon following with 2nd, 3rd and on down the line. Wes made the presentation to Greg and our sincere congratulations to Greg and Jim.

Buddy's Mini-Cooper

Sam Ashmore & Sharron Watson - Florida

Bruce and I bought this little gift from God from Jim Doughty in 2006. Bruce wanted me to look at a Brit because he was tired of chasing after the big running setters. So, the hunt began, after being directed to Jim from Nolan Huffman, and the photos and phone calls were on. I pretty much picked Coop out from photos; Jim kept telling me that he wasn’t sure I wanted him because his tail was a little short… my answer was … “Jim, the tail doesn’t find birds and every time I see a photo of him, he’s at the quail pen”…. at 8 weeks old he was headed to Florida. Coop was trained by Butch Butler and while at his place, a friend told Butch, “You’re not going to believe this but Cooper’s in the large oak tree out on a limb.” Yep, there he was pointing a quail. The first time Coop made a debut was at a pretrial for the QI. He went 6-6 and Ricky Gunnyon, standing next to me, said, “Where the heck did he come from? He runs like a pointer but in a Brittany body.” Ha… there went the not chasing big running dogs’ theory. After Bruce passed away Butch ran him, but I could see the potential in the dog and that he needed to get more trialing and get on the trial circuit. That’s when I brought Sam into the picture and he agreed to give it a try. Now, Sam was, and still is, a pointer guy and he caught a whole bunch of trash talk about running a Brittany. So, the team started and the first two times Sam ran him he got beat 5-0; not a good start. Sam said he didn’t know how this was going to work but he wanted to take him home to bond with him. Bond they did, sitting in a recliner eating Wing House chicken wings. After that they became quite a team. Sam proceeded to put 10 championships on Coop from 2011-2016. Sam and Coop racked up 182 points, 123 of them first place points. Coop was a 3X Florida Regional Champion, High Point several times, and 2012 and 2014 QI Champion. As a side note: When running for the final four spots in the 2012 QI, Sam came off the first and he asked if he made it into the four…. I looked at him and said “That’s a belt buckle”… the smile that came on his face was unforgettable and they went on to win the championship and Sam earned his first National Buckle. So, I guess you can blame Coop for setting Sam and Clayton onto the National Trials and so began the traveling from trial to trial and state to state. Coop placed in 13 states across the country and the Ashmore dog number and trailer capacity also increased after that. I want to thank the Ashmore family for taking Coop and I and as part of their family. Sam, Nancy, Clayton and Brandy are special people and have found a permanent place in my heart. I love them all to the moon and back. I want to thank the NSTRA officers and family for giving Coop this final award. “He truly was a very special dog”….. And from Randy Schultz: Recently, I judged a NSTRA Trial (National Shoot to Retrieve Field Trial). It was one of the more important trials, a Regional Championship. It was in a nice, warm location, which was great, because March is such a bipolar month with thunderstorms in the South, Nor'easter's in Yankee-land, blizzards in the West, and heat in the Southwest. So, I was quite content to ride my ATV in the warm sun and watch excellent dog work. After lunch (after 6 braces), the judges jumped back on the ATV's and another pair (or "brace") of bird dogs left the line. I was following a Brittany, who I thought was long retired. He'd been shaved down to better tolerate the heat, and the muscles still flexed along his sides, and his motor (the hamstrings) was as strong as ever. He took off like a shot, but unlike most dogs that begin quartering immediately, this old campaigner only varied his track enough to get downwind of likely bird cover. Not only that, but at 11 years old, he still had some "go" in the tank! I watched him closely as he varied his track to take in the palmetto clumps, grass, and trees. About a quarter-mile off the line, he struck gold. Head high, tail high, he stood downwind of a tall clump of Palmettos. I raised my arm, yelled "point", and stood to check the location of the handler. It would be a few minutes before he could get close, so I sat back down and pondered my friend on point. He was staunch, but I noticed a tremor in his hind end. It reminded me of an athlete so totally worn out, his legs were shaking. But the old Brit stood there- locked down, doing his duty. The handler finally arrived, flushed the bird, shot it, and the Brit scooped it up for a retrieve to hand. Over the course of the 30-minute brace, he did the same for 3 more birds. The score card showed 4 finds/4 retrieves. This old dog "made the cut" to the next day. Only half the dogs did make "the cut". I was wondering if, after 11 years of championships, the Brit had it in him for one more win. What makes these athletes compete? His human counterparts generally retire the gauntlet before they are 70 or so, yet here he is, pushing himself one more time. I remember how an old friend of mine, we used to run triathlons and marathons, would tell me "There's no way I can do that anymore. I'm afraid I'll break something!" Then, I remembered how God gives everyone a gift. He also "did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and self-discipline." (2Timothy1:7) Then it hit me. I'm seeing that right in front of me. Cooper's gift was finding birds. Young, old, wet, dry, it made no difference to him. He was using his gift right here, today. Wobbly legs and all else, the old guy was giving 100% to Sam. He wasn't asking for mercy, or a pat on the head, or air conditioned comfort. What he wanted more than anything that day was for Sam to shoot straight and be there to take the bird. God's gifts are given to us all. The key is to learn what the gift is- then use it. And, use it until they put you in the ground. Like Cooper said to Sam at the start line, "Get out of my way, Boss! I got this! This is what I was bred to do."

Classic Point Gretchen

John Griffiths - MI

Second Chance Scooby

Eric Griffiths - MI

McCandless Titlest Driver

Wm. Ashley McCandless - KY

Ty a liver and white male sired by McCandless Cajun Sniffer and Cindy Lou XXIX was whelped on 5/19/02 and passed away 5/19/18 on his 16th birthday. As a pup, Ty lived with owner Ashley McCandless at college and was a very precocious dog that showed a lot of promise at a very early age. Ty's first NSTRA championship was on 8/04/04 and he went on to accumulate a total of thirteen NSTRA regular championships. He won the Kentucky Regional Championship three years in a row, 2011,2012, and 2013. Ty was in three National final fours including first runner-up in the 2007 Trial of Champions and third runner-up in the Dog of The Year in 2010 also third runner-up in the TOC in 2011. In addition to these accomplishments Ty also produced several NSTRA winners including 9x NSTRA Boone County Beer owned by Jeff Moore. Ty was owned and handled by Wm. Ashley McCandless of the Kentucky Region his entire career, spending his last few years running free on Ashley's farm.

Angie's Dogwood Skipper

Ed Murdock - GA

Resa's Mazie

John Resa - MK

Double R Streak

Brandon Ralston - IL

Rucks Brockway Mad Dash

Tom Rotundo - OH

Tomokas Smokin Gun

Greg Wood/Jimmy Kirkman - KY

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