UKC Registration

NSTRA Members Guide To Registering Your Dog With UKC

To begin the process download the NSTRA single registration form, designed exclusively for NSTRA members, or call UKC to have forms sent to you.

The first thing you will need to make sure to do is to indicate whether or not your dog has already earned an NSTRA Championship. This will allow UKC to provide you with a pedigree that is current in regards to NSTRA titles previously earned. Once your dog is UKC registered, it will no longer be necessary for the dog owner to update UKC on new championships for the dog that is registered. The system will be designed to recognize subsequent championships and issue degrees. Make sure you include this information.

As is the case with most UKC single registrations, dogs from the pointing breeds must be registered with a UKC acknowledged Registry in order to be eligible for UKC registration. The registries accepted by UKC for the pointing breeds are listed on the back of the single registration form. Basically they include: AKC, FDSB, FCI, NAVHDA, and Canadian Kennel Club. You will need to include with your UKC single registration application a photo copy of your registration certificate from one of these registries.

For your dog’s pedigree information, you may either fill out the pedigree blank on the form by hand or attach a photo copy of the pedigree supplied to you by the other registry.

At this point you are almost done. The only thing left to do is simply fill out the rest of the single registration form, sign it and include the registration fee. The whole process should not take longer than 15 minutes. Of course it would take me longer than that just to find my dogs papers but if you are more organized than I am, it will not take long and is certainly not complicated.  (Special note – in order for dogs in your dog’s pedigree that have earned NSTRA titles to show up as such, they must be UKC registered. Any dogs that have been titled that are now deceased will need to follow all of the above requirements but will be registered free of charge.)

Single registration applications are typically processed and mailed within 7-10 business days. You will receive a registration certificate and three generation performance pedigree. (You will also receive a UKC Easy Entry Card which is something required to enter events in some of our other UKC programs and automatically goes out with each set of papers) Additionally, if your dog has earned a championship with NSTRA, you will receive a UKC Championship Certificate and the championship will be noted on your UKC pedigree. Dogs that go on to earn a championship after being registered, and, Champions that go on to earn additional championships will receive champion certificates soon after reports are processed at no additional fee. You will not receive a new set of registration papers with each additional championship but may order an updated pedigree at the standard transfer fee of $20 any time you wish.

Once you get your dogs registered with UKC, be sure to Litter Register offspring from those dogs in the future. Litter registration is even less time consuming and cheaper than single registering only those dogs you think you will end up running. If you breed to a dog that is not UKC registered, encourage the owner to do so and your pups will still be eligible for litter registration (provided the dog meets the single registration requirements). UKC registration and dual registration does two things. It adds value to your pups and encourages puppy buyers to participate in future NSTRA events. And that is a win / win situation!

If you run into any questions along the way, the UKC Customer Service Department is standing by ready to help. The number to call is 269-343-9020 and ask for the Registration Customer Service Department.