NSTRA National Officer UPDATE: March 20, 2020

NSTRA National Officer UPDATE: March 20, 2020

NSTRA National Officer UPDATE: March 20, 2020

As shared previously, the five officers are monitoring the national COVID-19 pandemic and conferring regularly in an effort to provide you with information and support, as well as addressing the needs of the NSTRA organization in keeping with our fiduciary responsibilities.

As of this morning, the officers decided the following:

  • The 2020 National Trial of Champions is cancelled. This trial will not be rescheduled.

  • The 2020 National Amateur Championship is cancelled. This trial will not be rescheduled.

For those of you who entered these trials, you will be refunded at our earliest convenience. Please contact your National Officer Representative, if you have questions or concerns.


By resolution of the National Officers’, it was determined that:

WHEREAS, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many communities and members of NSTRA; and WHEREAS, regions may not be able to hold regional elimination trials as scheduled; and

WHEREAS, there may be significant impact on members’ ability to enter the 2020 National Dog of the Year trial under existing criteria; and

WHEREAS, the National Officers are imbued with powers and authority to make decisions under emergent circumstances;

THEREFORE, for the purposes of qualifying for the 2020 DOY only, be it resolved that:

  •  If a region is unable to hold a regional elimination trial prior to the required 45 days prior to the date of the 2020 Dog of the Year (DOY) Trial, October 28, 2020, then a region may use the “high point” system as the basis for determining qualified dogs from a region eligible to compete in the DOY trial. All other criteria remains the same.
  •  If a region postpones or changes the date on which a regional elimination trial is held, then only those dogs meeting eligibility based on the original regional elimination trial date may compete in the re-scheduled trial. Further, eligibility for competing in the 2020 DOY trial shall be determined as voted by the membership in 2019.

In addition, the officers decided the following:

  • NSTRA will continue to sanction weekend trials and regional elimination trials.

  • NSTRA National Officers are not directing regions as to how to proceed with weekend trials and regional eliminations. It is up to each trial chairman, local club, region president and/or region board of directors to make that determination in compliance with your specific state and/or federal guidelines.

  • The criteria for the Purina Top Performance Award shall remain as specified in the rule book (Section 16) if 20 or more regions hold regional elimination trials for the 2019-2020 season. If fewer than 20 regional elimination trials occur, then points for regional championships shall not count in the determination of the Top Performance Award.

  • NSTRA’s 30 day notice requirement for changes to the trial schedule may be relaxed on a case- by-case basis; this does NOT apply to the 30-day notice requirement for judging seminars.

  • NSTRA Officers are available for counsel and discussion on a trial-by-trial basis.

  • IF you cancel, move, postpone, or reschedule any trials, make sure to e-mail the national office as soon as possible so changes are updated to the website in a timely manner.

    Thank you for all of your collective patience.
    We will continue to keep all of you updated by posting on the NSTRA website, www.nstra.org.

    Best regards,

President Ron Huels

1st VP Mikeal Mulberry

2nd VP John Rawdin

Treasurer Cheryl Higham

Secretary Nance Ceccarelli