October 27, 2016

Welcome to the all new National Trials section!


We have made a big commitment to our National Trials and to our membership to provide near "real-time" updates on each of our five National Trials beginning with the 2012 Dog of the Year. We realize not every member can make every national trial and we feel it is important to our organization to share the fun and excitement of these trials with all the folks - members and family/friends alike - back home (or even at the trial on their smart phones). We hope you like this section and encourage you to share any and all suggestions you may have to improve or enhance this cool new feature of the website. Please email us your Feedback/Suggestions/Complaints or Bugs! 


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How does it work?

Register with the site by clicking the "LogIn / Register" button in the header to begin getting email updates from your region or from your favorite dogs. You can select which regions and/or dogs you get updates from so you don't miss any of the action! Updates will provide you with the number of finds, the number of retrieves and if the dog had a scoreable back or not. As the actual scores are entered they will be visiable in detail on the appropriate page for that trial. We will also have a twitter feed that will display all the updates which you can view at work or add to your regional website if you wish.


Each trial has it's own "home page". This page displays basic information about that trial... location, qualification rules, dates, past winners, etc. Within each trial, there are pages for Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 as well as for image galleries if they exist. You will notice a secondary navigation (menu) at the top the page when you are in a National Trial section.

Subnavigation inside the National Trials Section.

You can view the draw before and during the trial and then the scores as they become available. Trial scores will be available until the draw for the next years trial are posted, then the scores will be cleared.

We really hope you enjoy this part of the site. Help us spread the word!


Please email us your Feedback/Suggestions/Complaints or Bugs!